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Lead Generation Campaign for MasterCAS formerly Libereka



Brand Overview

MasterCAS is the world's first FREE Common Application system for International Masters programs - where you apply to eligible universities for FREE AND earn a $1000 cash reward when you join the program


Optimize the campaign delivery to reduce the overall CPA by 20% for 2022.


Guerrillas created a performance marketing strategy using Facebook and Instagram to generate verified candidate profiles for MasterCAS formerly Libereka's digital events. The strategy included targeting the right audience, creating engaging ad copy, and optimizing the campaign delivery to reduce the overall CPA by a minimum of 20%.

Targeting the Right Audience

Guerrillas targeted prospective students based on their interests, behavior, demographics, and location. For example, for Study Business in the USA, we targeted students interested in business management, located in the USA, and with a bachelor's degree. Guerrillas created multiple ad sets targeting different audiences to increase their chances of success.

Creating Engaging Ad Copy

Guerrillas created ad copy highlighting the benefits of using MasterCAS formerly Libereka, including applying to eligible universities for free and earning a $1000 cash reward.

Optimising Campaign Delivery

Guerrillas used A/B testing to optimize the campaign delivery. We tested different ad formats, such as image and video, to see which performed better. We also tested different ad placements, such as Instagram Stories, Facebook Feed, and Facebook Messenger, to see which had the highest engagement and conversion rates.


Through Guerrillas' performance marketing strategy, MasterCAS formerly Libereka generated 8000+ verified student applications for their digital events product delivery model. Guerrillas was able to reduce the overall CPA by 34.8%, with an average CPA of <£3.

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